Saturday, November 28, 2009

project 365, week 48

what a great week! no rehearsals, thanksgiving on thursday, and decorating for christmas on friday. it was a very relaxing, much needed week off.
i didnt get pictures for every day, but i'll post what i got.

SUNDAY, november 22nd
chorus day for me. i'm grace in ten shows and chorus in nine. this is the scene where mr warbucks goes to the radio station to announce that they're looking for annies parents. i'm one of the boylan sisters (i'm in the middle). its a fun scene.

MONDAY, november 23rd
no picture. my mom and i drove to giddings to pick up the kids from mimi and papa.
good to have them home. they were gone almost a week!

TUESDAY, november 24th
my dining room table is normally covered with all my scrapbooking stuff, but i knew i was going to have to clean it off for thanksgiving, so i finished up the stack of pictures i had. i'm still not caught up. i just finished easter '09. one of these days.....

WEDNESDAY, november 25th
clean, clean, clean. i find it odd that i spend ALL DAY cleaning, knowing that the next day my house is going to full of people and get dirty again. here's my spotless dining room table.

THURSDAY, november 26th
happy turkey day!! my facebook status was "today i'm thankful for my family, musical theater, and memaws cornbread dressing." i ate till i felt like i'd explode. soooo good. the kids got to break the wishbone. molly got the big half and when we asked her what she wished for she kept saying, "on a star!" i think she was confused.

FRIDAY, november 27th
we always decorate for christmas the day after thanksgiving. this year was no different. it was a great day!!

SATURDAY, november 28th
family hiking trip. cousin justin went with us. we actually went pretty far considering we had a 3 year old and a 5 year old in tow. i would guess about 2 miles round trip.

today justin asked colby why we celebrate christmas. his response: "cause i love it!!" i guess we need to work on that....
have a blessed week!!

Sunday, November 22, 2009

project 365, week 47

please remember my warning from last week--that this weeks pictures would pretty much have everything to do with the show.....i was right. mostly.
opening weekend went well. there were a few 'snafus' and some technical difficulties, but we got through it and hopefully got it out of our system so the next 27 shows will be fabulous!! :)

SUNDAY, november 15th
rehearsal....this is ms hannigan, rooster, and lily practicing 'easy street'.

MONDAY, november 16th
today was my memaws birthday. the kids and i went by to say hello and wish her happy birthday. they also helped her blow out her candles and eat her cake. :)

TUESDAY, november 17th
my dance shoes needed to air out. ick.

WEDNESDAY, november 18th
dress rehearsal. a husband of one of the women in the cast came and took pictures of the run through. so...i didnt take this picture, but hey, give me a break. so thats me as grace, obviously with mr warbucks and annie.

THURSDAY, november 19th
the playbill for the show!!

FRIDAY, november 20th
i spent the first part of the day with my mom. the kids are with allens mom this week, so we got to enjoy some mother daughter time. she took me shopping and bought me lunch. so fun!
it was a cold rainy day, and this rain chain (probably not what its called at all) was outside the restaraunt where we ate.

SATURDAY, november 21st
you'd think i'd have all kind of pictures from my opening night, but no. i took this of myself in my car on the way to the theatre. i was literally thinking, 'if i dont take one, now, i wont have one for the day.' glad i did! i dont think my camera came out of my purse again that night!

this week will be normal, and next week i can once again join the land of 365!

Monday, November 16, 2009

project 365, week 46...or not

so i should be sharing my pictures for the week, except that i dont have any.
well, i have a couple i think, but i dont even have the energy to get myself out of the chair and go get the camera to check.
i'm pretty sure i only got a picture on sunday.
rehearsals have been nuts! i got home just before midnight last night and although i'm off tonight (yay!!!), the rest of the week will be quite similar i'm sure.
the show is coming together on very small pieces. we open friday, so its what we lovingly refer to as hell week, because we only have a handful of times to get it right with costumes, full tech, etc.
the kids are spending the week with allens mom so he gets a break. hes been so fabulous with them while i've been at rehearsals till all hours. (thanks babe!!!)
anyway, i'm sorry for being lame and not having anything of substance to post.
i promise next week will better, even if i have to post a bunch of rehearsal pictures. :)

Friday, November 13, 2009

JFK, may he rest in peace

we were on the way to my moms house the other day, and colby says
colby: "mommy, how do presidents die?"
me: "well, i guess most of them just get old and die. sometimes they get sick. different people die lots of different ways."
colby: "can you tell me about one of the presidents dying?"
me: "(what on earth????) colby, i'm not sure what you're asking."
after some thought, i remembered several weeks ago we went to the LBJ museum in austin, so of course there was a large section of kennedy stuff. we didnt spend a lot of time in that section, since the kids are so young. i didnt want to try and explain all of that to him yet, but i did mention that a bad man shot president kennedy. so i recall this and think maybe thats what he's talking about.
me: "colby, are you talking about president kennedy? the one who was shot?"
colby: "tell me about him."
me: "(how much is too much....??) we saw some pictures in the museum when we went with evan and ruth. is that who you're talking about? i dont know much about him colby. i wasnt alive yet when that happened."
colby: "what do you know?"
me: "i know that a lot of people really really liked him, but someone who didnt like him shot him and he died. everyone was very sad. you could ask grammie (thats it, put it off on the grandma...sorry mom). she was a little girl when that happened."
colby: "was grammie sad when president kenedidy was shot?"
me: "president kennedy. i dont think she was old enough to really be sad like the adults were." colby: "well, when you told me just know that president kennedy was shot i was very very very very very VERY sad."

i have no words. where do they come up with this stuff??

Saturday, November 7, 2009

project 365, week 45

only 7 weeks to go!! this year has passed by so quickly, and i have loved making project 365 a part of it. i dont think i'll be doing it again though. i feel like it has kept me from blogging as much as i would have otherwise, because i always thought 'oh, they'll just hear about it when i blog for 365." i'm definitely glad i did it though, and i may do it again down the road.
i have to share what molly said to allen the other night. for my faithful 365 readers, some of you may remember a few weeks ago when we rescued a turtle from certain death by roadkill. molly randomly started talking about it the other day and was telling allen all about it.
molly: "colby went to put him by the water, but mommy said not too close, so he just put him next to the water, but the turtle was scared so he went in his shell so he wouldnt be scared." imagine this all with no breath inbetween thoughts and without actually pronouncing the "r's."
allen: "the turtle was scared of you?"
molly: (nods)
allen: "would the turtle have been scared of me?"
molly: (nods)
allen: "are you scared of me?"
molly: "nnnooooo. i'm not a turtle."
i love how their minds work. that girl cracks me up.

SUNDAY, november 1st
no picture. booo.

MONDAY, november 2nd
i ordered the kids' birthday cake a few weeks ago at walmart and scheduled for it to be picked up at 5pm today, the night before they're 9am party on tuesday. allen calls me from walmart and says, "the cakes not here. they dont have any record of it." after checking the other walmart in town to make sure i wasnt losing my mind, we came to terms with having to buy an off the shelf pre-fab sheet cake. no, i wasnt going to attemp to make my own. i've been down that road and dont care to visit again. heres our lame birthday cake. colby and molly thought it was fantastic.

TUESDAY, november 3rd
happy birthday party day! we bid on and won a party to jungle java over a year ago; a combination cafe/indoor playscape. fabulous! the bummer was that the gift certificate required we have the party on a monday thru thursday (no weekends). with me having rehearsals in the evenings, that limited us to a morning party. that being said, it was small and we were limited in who we could invite because of it being on a weekday morning. the kids all had a great time, though, and wore themselves out (i.e. a rare afternoon nap!).

WEDNESDAY, november 4th
colby decided he wanted to write a story about his friend zachary. he asked for help spelling the words he didnt know (one, zach, touched), and (obviously) wrote it without help. i am so proud of this kid! he's doing so well with the homeschooling. he just turned 5 a week ago, and he's already reading and writing! sorry, had to brag for a second. :)

THURSDAY, november 5th
dentist appts this morning! colbys been a few times, but this was mollys first visit. some of you may have read my previous entry, where i explained the whole day. basically the dentist told molly she cant use her pacifier anymore, so we took them to the hospital to give them to the newborn babies so they can use them. shes done great! shes asked for it each night, but we remind her where they went, and shes perfectly fine! thank you, Lord, and dr. bain.

FRIDAY, november 6th
colby got a moon sand kit for his birthday. i wouldnt dare let them use it in the house (i avoid messes at all costs), but it was a beautiful day, so they played outside most of the afternoon with the moon sand, sidewalk chalk, etc. i do wish it would get just a little cooler, but the afternoons really have been fantastic!

SATURDAY, november 7th
allens been wanting to clean out the attic for awhile, so today was the big day. we got everything down, and made a throw away pile, a keep pile, and a 'go through and condense' pile, and still have some work to do. we even sold a few things on craigslist and made some money. the kids were adamant about me taking their picture with santa and baby Jesus. i was happy to oblige.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

a milestone perhaps

we took the kids to the dentist this morning. colbys been a few times already, but it was mollys first experience. allen and colby went back together, then molly and i went to another room. she cried at first; i guess all the 'stuff' is intimidating to a kid seeing it for the first time. she settled down quickly and cooperated well with the hygenist though.
when the dentist came in to look her over, he said the roof of her mouth is malforming due to her still using her pacifier. we've known for quite awhile that the paci needs to go, and we've even attempted to take it from her a couple of times, but its a;ways very short lived. shes been limited to bedtime only for several months, but apparently its still doing a number on her mouth and teeth. he said if we can get them away from her now, that her mouth will be able to correct itsself without having to have any kind of corrective stuff done later down the road.
hearing all this we said (with the dentist still sitting there), "molly, did you hear that? we have to get rid of your paci. the dr. says its going to mess up your pretty teeth." molly said, "ok." like it was no big deal.

when we got in the car we addressed it again.
allen: "molly do you want to have pretty teeth?"
molly: "yes."
allen: "then we need to get rid of paci."
molly: "ok. we have to get rid of paci so i can have pretty teeth."
me: "your paci is making your teeth sick. maybe we should go give your pacis to the babies at the hospital who dont have pacis."
molly: "yeah, lets go give my pacis to the babies."

i remember hearing somewhere that a mom took her kid and the pacifiers and they went to the hospital and handed the pacifiers to a nurse to 'give to the newborn babies." then the nurse of course just went and threw them away. but the good thing about that scenario is the pacifiers are then out of the house and you're not the bad guy. the pacis were given to someone who needs them, not taken away randomly.

so we went home, collected her pacifiers, and went to one of the hospitals here in town. a friend of ours is the director of the clinic, so she met us and took us to the pediatric wing where she had a couple of the nurses (who she had explained the situation to) come out to meet molly. molly told them very matter-of-factly what she was doing and offered the bag to the nurse and gave her a hug. it was one of the sweetest things i've seen in a long time. molly genuinely thought she was helping the babies and she made sure to tell the nurse that "each baby gets one pacifier."
then they gave her (and colby too) a sticker and a coloring book and a little thing of bubbles to take home.
we topped of the day with a fun lunch and ice cream.

now, its only 2:30, so we'll see if i still think it was a great idea when bedtime comes tonight.
however, theres no turning back. even if she cries and throws a fit at bedtime, we have no pacifier to give her, and hopefully the pictures from today will remind her what she did. and we'll of course blame the dentist....